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Romantic literature to improve your acting skills

Published December 20, 2017 in Acting , Literature - 0 Comments

Reading a lot of quality literature is a noble manner to enrich your inner world and spice up your everyday life. Aside from expanding our general knowledge and vocabulary, reading improves our rhetorical skills, our capability to get a precise insight into the psychology of others and to analyze various situations thoroughly. These are just some of many benefits from reading, and some of these aspects come quite handy for professional actors and those trying to build an acting career, particularly theatre acting career. We’ve collected some of the mandatory romantic literature pieces every actor should read to improve his or hers acting qualities.

Shakespeare is a must read

Whether you are aiming a theater or a movie screen, Shakespeare’s romantic literature is a mandatory material for every actor. “Richard III” is a commonly performed historical tragedy right along with Hamlet and both pieces of literature are an excellent material for improving your acting skills.

william-shakespeareTennessee Williams’ playwright “A Streetcar named desire” has made Marlon Brando famous and it is considered to be one of the most influential pieces of literature in the history of a modern theatre. The play is frequently performed in theatres worldwide and studying of profiles of the main characters is recommended to all actors working on their acting career.

“Betrayal” written by Harold Pinter is a famous piece of literature commonly analyzed among actors. This fun, but the profound material is the great challenge for actors to train their capability to deliver the idea and inner dynamic of characters to the audience in the most effective and convincing manner.

Being capable of performing in a superb way comedy and farcical dramas is a true task and challenge for every actor out there. Oscar Wilde’s play “The importance of being earnest” is an excellent terrain to practice these skills and the talent for expressing subtle shades of various emotions.

Edward Albee wrote famous play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” half a century ago and the play is still performed routinely in many theatres nowadays. The story follows closely the evolution of a broken marriage between middle-aged spouses and challenges each actor to express sophisticated emotional fluctuations and complex relationship between characters.