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  • What it takes to be an excellent actor - Marley Delarose

    When you watch a truly convincing acting and an excellent performance, it all seems so effortless and natural. However, behind all of that, there are hundreds of hours of persistent practicing, improving skills, learning techniques, following directions and suggestions of the older and more experienced actors, all combined with a talent and dedication. Here are …

  • Romantic literature to improve your acting skills - Marley Delarose

    Reading a lot of quality literature is a noble manner to enrich your inner world and spice up your everyday life. Aside from expanding our general knowledge and vocabulary, reading improves our rhetorical skills, our capability to get a precise insight into the psychology of others and to analyze various situations thoroughly. These are just …

  • How to star at Broadway audition - Marley Delarose

    Being noticed and picked as a high potential and a good actor by some big names in the acting industry (movie or theatre) is a dream and lifetime commitment of many actors out there. Acting and simply waiting for it to happen won’t suffice. If you’re heading towards Hollywood or Broadway or cameras of some …

  • Common techniques for better acting performance - Marley Delarose

    It’s true that some people are simply born with an impressive talent for acting. The skills are naturally born and integrated into the personality of these people. However, that does not mean that their acting doesn’t require improvement, directing, re-shaping and remodeling. That, also, doesn’t mean that those without inborn talent cannot learn to act. …

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